Day 3

February 8, 2008

Not a lot to report on day 3. Went to Revolution for a drink after work, but didn’t spend any money as we have happy hour vouchers for it. I wanted to have chips on the way home, but thought I didn’t have any money, so was good and just made something when I got home. I was tempted by Tesco when I realised I didn’t have any mayonnaise, but resisted. I’m going to have to figure out where to get some though.

Caster sugar is next on my list to track down, as Mattas doesn’t carry it. Got eggs and butter there for the next round of lemon tarts; the woman at the restaurant got back to me today and gave me the thumbs up, so I’ll make them Wednesday night.

Unfortunately husband caved yesterday and ate at Burger King somewhere on the M6 outside Birmingham. He spent 9 hours driving to Cambridge and back yesterday, so I’m not going to lecture him. There is only one independent services I’ve seen so far, and that’s Tebay on the M6 in Cumbria.

A site recommended to me is Northern Harvest. It looks like that could be a good way to get local produce delivered, they seem to have a pretty wide range of food and groceries. Tomorrow I might try to sit down and plan an order.


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2 responses to “Day 3

  1. tebay is the ONLY independent service station in the UK. So I’m afraid its a packed lunch or nothing unless you are in Cumbria!

  2. Woo Cumbria! ;)Thanks for that info, I didn’t want to leap to conclusions because there’s much of the UK I haven’t seen yet.They do have a lovely farm shop at Tebay, we’ll have to stop in there again some time.

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