Days 4-6

Sat. Feb 8 – Mon. Feb 11

Just going to do a small recap to cover the last few days. Caster sugar and mayonnaise have successfully been obtained from Delifonseca, so now I think I have everything I need for the lemon tarts. I had asked in Mattas if they carried it at all, which they didn’t but suggested a newsagent’s down the street ‘so [I] don’t have to make the trip to Tesco’. I then told him about the project, which got me a thumbs-up and a very positive reaction. I’m sure he realised this means more business for the family’s store, which I’m happy to give them.

I picked up another flan tin from the local hardware store near Bold Street (which is massive, and also sells furniture, garden tools, and homewares). I got some apples for himself at another fruit stand, but I prefer to go to the one on Allerton Road.

This leads me to another question; is it any better to shop at an independent store where members of staff have made racist comments to customers or been seen engaging in criminal activity (such as buying stolen goods)? Should value judgements enter the equation when deciding who should get my business as long as it’s not Tesco?

Further pondering on the costs of shopping independently vs. supermarkets tomorrow.

An administrative note: I’ve opened up comments to all, not just those with blogger/google/OpenID accounts. All I ask is that if you don’t know me personally, please leave your name and/or email address so I know who you are. Thanks.

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