Days 8-10

Bad news: I miscalculated the number of eggs for the tart filling, so had to dispatch husband to Tesco Wed. night. He came back with caged eggs, as that was all they had. It felt like breaking lent in a particularly bad way, and I was quite upset about it. I only buy free-range eggs, and have done for some time. I wish I could go liberate some hens but sadly we don’t have enough space to keep them.

The tarts turned out ok, not as well as I would have liked compared to the last batch, but the restaurant assured me they looked fine and they were happy. I hope the customers last night thought they were all right.

Work has been quite busy in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, between that and baking on Wednesday, I haven’t been online very much. Today I’m going shopping in Woolton village and possibly to the whole foods co-operative on Smithdown Road depending on what I need/can find. I have taken some pictures, as requested, so I will post those later.

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