Days 24 – 29

We had a bit of a breakdown over the weekend. A couple of husband’s friends had come to stay for a few days, and though they were out most of the time, I hadn’t planned on having extra stuff around for breakfast. Also I worked six days last week, so I was just concerned with getting stuff the two of us needed when I could. So Saturday morning, husband goes out in search of bacon sandwiches, or similar, for breakfast. None of the places to eat nearby are open at this hour (around 8.30). So to Tesco he went and came home with croissants.

Then on my way home from work I found out he had come down with some sort of stomach bug, and needed medication. It’s about 6.30, and the nearest chemist (Boots) was already closed and I imagined that most of the other ones in the area would be as well. So back to Tesco, and got some bacon (the poshest I could find 😉 for Sunday morning.

Sunday morning arrives, he needs more meds. I also discover we’re nearly out of tea. Visit number 3 achieves both of these. W only buy fairtrade tea though, so at least we were able to get that.

Thankfully, he’s starting to feel better, he was in a pretty bad way until Monday evening. I’ve been trying to get back on track; milk from a corner shop on Monday, sliced bread from Matta’s yesterday. He bought a few things from the Co-op yesterday on his way home from work. I haven’t seen one near us in Liverpool, which is too bad as I’d prefer to shop there if I could. Searching online, there are a couple in Wavertree and one in Childwall, which are only a couple miles away, so I will keep that in mind for the future.

Off to the butchers in a bit, we’re in need of sausages and bacon again.

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