It’s been quite awhile, though I’m sure you all stopped paying attention a long time ago, clearly I did. ;^)

Things have been going much as I predicted in my last post. I’m glad we did try to do it. Our last major shop came from Waitrose/Ocado, who have begun to match Tesco on prices of many branded household items that they both sell. They sent us a £15 off voucher as well, to lure us back in, plus they offer free delivery on certain time slots, such as late evening ones, which suit us very nicely. I’m hoping to get to the greengrocer’s later, I still prefer to get all the fruit and veg there that I can. As the weather is rather glorious at the moment, I want to make some summer recipes, including pasta salad, which calls for cherry tomatoes and basil.

I’ve been trying to bake bread on days off, so we have something fresh and not storebought. Last week I did brown bread for the first time and whole-wheat scones. I’ve got a back of wholemeal flour to use up, so I thought I’d try the scone recipe on the package. They were interesting, I think they’d be well suited to savoury scones, so I might try adding some cheese to them if I make any today. Next recipe in the test kitchen is going to be chocolate, almond and cardamom cake. I need to find out the best way to remove cardamom seeds from the pods, the ones I bought look sort of tough to crack.



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2 responses to “onwards

  1. Dear bread baking goddess,1) good luck with your ironing. ;)2) i tried a recipe on the back of my box of wheat germ for muffins and they came out so bitter (?) that we couldn’t eat them. Costas said they tasted like soap. Here’s the list of ingredients, do you know what caused the bitter edge?-1 cup wheat germ-1 cup whole wheat flour-4tsp baking soda-2tbs oil (i used butter)-a little salt-4 tbs brown sugar-1 egg (i used egg whites from a carton)hmm, i think that’s it. i also threw in a handful of Craisins. I wanted to blame the egg whites because my french toast didn’t turn out how i wanted either, but they hadn’t spoiled. Honestly, i haven’t liked anything i put wheat germ in yet, could that be the culprit?xoxo

  2. Sometimes substitutions don’t always work like you think they will. I found that out the hard way once; crisco does not work in all recipes in lieu of butter or margarine. I’m not sure the butter will have been the culprit but it’s possible. Even if the egg whites hadn’t reached their expiration date, sometimes things can go a bit funny if they’ve been open for awhile. I’ve never used carton egg whites before, so I can’t really say.If you want to attempt them again, you could try using half wheat, half white flour and see if they taste better. But if the wheat germ hasn’t worked for you so far, there’s no sense forcing it. I think I’ve heard of it in smoothies, maybe try it that way if you want its nutritional value. Good luck! xoxo

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