wanderings in wavertree

Wavertree is the area of Liverpool that borders my neighbourhood on the north. It’s quite student-y and has rows of late 19th and 20th c. terraced houses typical of northern English cities. It still has a high street, but one that may have seen more lively days. There is still an independent bakery, Sandra Dee’s (no website), which I heard of through their appearance at a Slow Food Bread event this spring and at the Lark Lane farmer’s market of next-to-last post. I’ve enjoyed the bread I’ve had from them, it’s fresh, artisan, and pretty affordable. I tried to go again this morning, but it hadn’t opened by its stated 9am opening time. I might try again later on my way into town.

A fixture in the student-land on Smithdown Road was the White House coffee lounge, which has been taken over by new owners and relaunched as Oomoo, which I think may be a word coming from the Pacific Islands. I didn’t hear the owner say which one though. It’s got new wooden furniture and leather couches, with clean lines and brightly painted walls. There seems to be a new outdoor seating area as well. It’s got free wi-fi and friendly employees, two good reasons to visit. Quality coffee and a very tasty savoury muffin with basil and roasted red peppers are two further reasons. Sadly my blueberry muffin this morning, though large, wasn’t as fresh and on the dry side.

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