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Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

We went last Sunday morning to its opening event in Sefton Park. Over 50 local restaurants and vendors had stalls and the array of cuisines offered was mouth-watering.

I have never seen so many people lined up on a Sunday morning to get into anything; we arrived right at 10.30 when it was meant to be opening and had to queue for at least 15 minutes to get in. We did get a free goody bag from Delifonseca, though they would have done better to distribute them after people had got inside the park and avoided the bottlenecking.

I only had time for a crepe (made by the Frenchwoman who teaches a conversation course at Cafe O7 on alternate Wednesdays) before having to go to work. I managed to get back after my shift ended (praise Sunday trading laws) and though many of the stands had closed/run out of food (it was nearly 5, when the event officially ended) I did get a delicious chorizo ciabatta from Delifonseca, and a Thai green veg curry from Chayophraya which was a wonderful medley of flavours. Husband’s pad thai was also tasty, and I plan on trying it again when we go to the branch in Liverpool One. The queue at the crepe stand was enormous by this time and I’m sure Aurelie was mad busy toute la journee.

Participating restaurants have had various offers throughout the week and the festival ends tomorrow with the Hope Street Feast which I plan on checking out. If they get the same crowds as last Sunday it will be heaving!

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