Social Media Cafe Liverpool

The first SMCLiverpool was held at Static Gallery last night. Quite a few people turned up to hear presentations from people working in different areas of social media. It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces and chat with new ones. Topics of discussion included data visualisation and storytelling from a journalistic perspective, ‘how to win Foursquare friends and influence people’ by Josh, aka @technicalfault, and a sort of history of social media by a longtime user, Dave Coveney, who reminded everyone to have fun and remember the person at the other end of a conversation/thread/flamewar is actually a person too. He also said ‘don’t be anonymous’, which I’m not sure I totally agree with because I think there are situations where anonymity is a good thing. I saw what he was getting at though and I respect his viewpoint.

There are some recaps by Alison Gow and Mike Nolan on their respective blogs, as well as links to Dave Coveney’s and Alison’s presentations on the SMC Liverpool’s blog.

In a much less visually appealing way than Alison used her data, here’s a randomly chosen selection of numbers about the evening:

30+: Attendees
19: The number of words I got on my social media bingo.
15: Different platforms used by those Twittering during and after the event.
2: Number of Threadless t-shirts spotted.
1: iPad I got to try out for the first time.

Looking forward to the next one!

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