Touched, redux

I sent my last entry in to the Biennial’s blogging competition. And to my surprise (and secret hope), I’m one of the winners. The prize is a private tour of the public realm of the Biennial, given by curator Lorenzo Fusi.

I’m really, really touched and elated to have been chosen. A big thanks to the organisers and the two judges, David Lloyd of Sevenstreets and Ian Jackson of Art in Liverpool. Theirs are two of my favourite Liverpool websites and they make the digital landscape of this city all the richer. And that would be true even if I hadn’t won.

I’m looking forward to my tour on Saturday, and might even have a few more words to say about the Biennial afterwards. Will try to remember to bring the good camera with me.


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2 responses to “Touched, redux

  1. hi niece,so thrilled to see that your blog won. I enjoyed not just what you had to say, but also the eloquence with which you expressed yourself. enjoy the spotlight and the associated tour.xoamy

  2. Hi aunt,Thank you so much! Dad mentioned that you had shared my blog with him, so thanks for spreading the word among the family too. Glad you enjoyed reading. xo

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