Long Night, 18/11/10

The Long Night had so much going on it was only possible to sample some of the events. We decided to follow the Sound Relay across the city. Also a chance to play with my new camera app.

The beginning of Sound Relay at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

The aPaTt ensemble mingled with the crowd, some of whom were making their way into the hall to attend a Philharmonic performance and were probably very confused about the random musicians in the foyer.

We moved on before the musicians began their journey and went to visit the Swan Pedalo (the world’s first open source swan pedalo) at the Old Paint Shop (ex-Rapid) on Renshaw Street. That’s Ella tweeting away.

We moved on to the Bluecoat at the tail end of the procession.

It was also the beginning of the DaDa fest, so there were some new pieces on display.

Finally we ended at Tate to watch Ensemble 10/10 perform in the midst of Magdalena Abanakowitz’s installation.

We ended with a visit to Leaf tea bar’s newest location on Bold Street. They’ve done a great job with the space, I look forward to returning.

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