My digital home

Welcome to The Northernist.  This is the umbrella for my loves in life: travel, art, food and conversation.  I think I might finally have managed to create a site where they all intersect and overlap.

Thinking about what I wanted this site to be, I came to a few realiasations. I’d been a digital vagrant for most of the last decade, starting a blog here or there on a whim. Most of them have been on another platform, whose limitations were starting to frustrate me.  So it was probably time to settle down and get stuck in on WordPress, where I’m bringing over previous content (ie my writing in Liverpool and eventually my travel writing from earlier this year).  I also want to use this as a platform for conversation (interview sounds too formal) with some of the most interesting writers, travelers, critics and creators I’ve encountered on the interwebs.

As for the title? I’m a northerner by birth (US) and marriage (UK).  The two have different connotations in each country, but I’m proud to call them both home.  Certainly there’s plenty to celebrate about my adopted northern home, and that will be my focus until the next foreign adventure reveals itself.

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