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Photo essay – Ennerdale, Lake District

Even though summer comes in fits and starts, many flowers have come in to bloom around the edge of the lake.

The path curves inland before meeting the lake again, where you have to scramble over rocks well above the water.

Our drinking water comes from Ennerdale, since it’s also a reservoir.

Sheep trying to hide from us or at least move faster uphill. No contest sheep, you’ll always win.

The path was frequently submerged by streams running into the lake; sometimes it’s hard to tell where the water ends and the land begins.

As we walked we discussed what the future might hold and the pros and cons of where we might live next.

Wherever we end up, odds are it probably won’t be this beautiful. Unless we move to New Zealand.

To circle the lake only takes a few hours, depending on the path you choose. It’s a fairly gentle walk with only a few steep climbs and descents.

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